REPLAY! Watch the AMA live event: Creating engaging interactions using Salesforce Community Cloud

events webinar Apr 20, 2020

This week SFDC Academy coaches Dan and Peter were joined by guest expert panelist Duncan Farquharson, APAC Product Lead for Community, CMS & B2B Commerce at Salesforce. 

The topic of discussion for the AMA: creating engaging customer and employee intranets using Salesforce Community Cloud. 


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Three mini DIY projects for solo Salesforce Admins. Part 2 - Data Backup

tips & tricks Apr 16, 2020

Three mini DIY projects for solo Salesforce Admins with diminishing budgets. Part 2- Data Backup

At the time of writing this post, we are experiencing an unprecedented global situation resulting in uncertain economic times. Many companies have pulled back or paused budgets. 

For many Salesforce Admins, this means partner budgets have been reduced or put on hold indefinitely. However, this can also be an opportunity to work on projects you haven’t had the bandwidth for or learn...

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REPLAY! Live stream the AMA event: Demystifying Einstein Analytics

events webinars Apr 14, 2020

Catch the replay of our Ask Me Anything event: Demystifying Einstein Analytics!

This week we answered all your Salesforce admin questions with special guest Andrew Price, Director - Product GTM, Einstein at Salesforce. 

Check out the replay on our YouTube channel HERE.


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Budgets disappearing? We've got three mini DIY projects for solo Salesforce admins. Part 1 - Permission Sets

tips & tricks Apr 08, 2020

In the current economic climate, a lot of companies are looking into cutting budgets and costs. For many Salesforce Admins within end clients, this means partner budgets have been reduced or put on hold indefinitely. 

Whilst this presents significant business challenges, it also presents new opportunities! Now is the perfect time to complete some of the projects you couldn’t get around to before or upskill so you can take on more responsibility and be less reliant on partners.


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REPLAY! Ask Me Anything Weekly Webinar Series

events webinars Apr 05, 2020

The first in a four-part series, each week our expert coaches will address your most important questions and show you how to achieve success on the Salesforce platform.

Themes to include:   

  • Building effective Communities for distributed workforces
  • Demystifying Einstein Analytics
  • SFDX for Salesforce Admins
  • How to run Salesforce projects

Catch the replay of the first live stream event on our YouTube channel HERE.

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